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Food & Wine Pairings

Thankgsiving Pairings

Holiday foods are usually bigger than life – big flavors, heavy textures, rich ingredients, and lots of herbs and spices. Those complex dishes make for dynamic wine pairings that can flex in different directions. Plus, your guests will have different palates and will enjoy different elements of dishes. So, have multiple wines available for sampling.


Holiday Pairings

Eat, drink, and be merry with the perfect holiday food and wine pairings. When planning your festive feast, remember food and wine pairing is all about balance. Look for dominate flavors in a dish, keeping in mind that spices, sauces, and cooking preparation can have a bigger impact than core ingredients.


Chocolate & Wine

Wine & Chocolate both have sweet qualities, but also have varying degrees of bitterness and acidity that can make pairing dynamic and sometimes challenging. The best way to pair these decadent flavors is to find an even balance where both the wine and chocolate are distinguishable.


Cheese & Wine

A classic pairing with so many combinations to choose from! Here are a few popular cheeses and some of our favorite wines to pair with them.


Fruit & Wine

Pairing wine and fruit can be a little tricky. The key is to find balance in the sweetness and acidity between the two. Think of dishes that incorporate fruit and try these wine pairing suggestions!


Football Pairings

It’s no secret that chicken wings are the ultimate fan-favorite for every game day celebration and wine isn’t just for high end dining. So double-down and treat yourself to a dynamite food and wine pairing experience!